From behind my lenses, as a photojournalist I have spent countless hours watching and waiting for a moment to strike. All the years spent panning scenes has helped exercise the visual side of the brain to spot certain details that could make for great pictures which would otherwise be missed by the casual eye.

This talent is often molded by years spent on the beat for metropolitan newspapers. Photographers learn quickly that a major part of the job description is to be a trained observer. And this is no different when transitioning those skills over to weddings. You have to be “on” that entire time, with your mind totally dialed in to observation.

Knowing what to look for can simply be a matter of finding something among the crowd and hullabaloo of weddings that just looks a little off-kilter from all the other people and events being photographed. These moments serve to paint a dynamic, wholly personal picture of the event, and helps feed the story of what makes every wedding so unique.