After years of learning photography, it was time for more challenging photo project. I had more ideas. In the end I decided to photograph Indian slums. I went to Mumbai Dharavi slum, which provides home and work to more than one million people on only 3km2 of land.

As an interesting thing to add, SlumDog Millionar was filmed in this slum. The path led me further into some other slums, I finished the project in the oldest city in the world – Varanasi. While walking down the long narrow street of this city, I saw a sleeping cow through the front door of a home. In the scene in front of me, I recognized all the symbolism of the sacred cow. An older woman approached me who allowed me to enter her home and photograph a cow. National Geographic ranked this photo among the best photos of the year.

After returning home, it was time for new project. I went to photograph in crisis areas in Lebanon and Syria. My photos started appearing in the world’s newspapers and magazines, and Unicef used my photos in their charity campaigns to rais money.

As a result of refugee crisis, a Balkan route opened, which I of course went to document. I received photographic recognition again – photo taken in Gevgelija (Macedonia) was ranked as one of the best of the year by National Geographic. Other international recognitions and awards followed.

I completed the Balkan route project in my own country on the Slovenian-Austrian border.

After years of gathering photographic experiences, I transferred photographic knowledge to a wedding photography, which is basically a documentary photography.