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How I make UNSTAGED photos with STRONG stories (with my Nat Geo photography)

In conversations with the couples, I’m trying to get some of the specifics of their stories. Then I use creativity and the ability to tell stories through photography. It is best that I explain you through two examples.

Example 1:

I was told that after marriage, she will leave her house and move into a new one with him. I decided to take a picture of leaving the house. I selected the frame, watched the light, gestures, expressions and waited for the right moment to press the button. As simple as it sounds it takes some time to conquer this technique.

Example 2:

I used this technique again photographing refugee migration. This photo is full of expressiveness and symbolism. The viewer must go deeper to understand it.

Explanation: “Into the unknown future” – Gazes from the wagon: three people looking forward to the future. One staring anxiously back. This photo was later selected as one of the best by National Geographic.


Že sama lokacija poročnega obreda je nakazovala, da gre za neko posebnost, saj na Lisco vodi tudi plezalna pot.

Ob prihodu na lokacijo poročnega obreda me je nevesta Saša presenetila s podatkom, da sta z njenim izbrancem Gregorjem ljubitelja plezanja. Sledilo je še večje presenečenje, saj sta frajerja imela v avtu spravljeni plezalni čeladi. Odšli smo po zaščitno opremo in na vrh plezalne stene…

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Micro Wedding’s Are They Becoming a Trend?

What Is a Micro Wedding and Is It Right For You?

In a time of such uncertainty due to COVID-19, some couples are deciding that they are certain of one thing—and that’s that they want to get married, no matter what.

Love isn’t cancelled. It is still very much alive, and if your heart is telling you to still get married this year, then we say go for it! 

With a focus on guest experience and safety, micro weddings could be the right choice for you. And have become quite a popular trend.

You will find having fewer guests opens up a whole range of venues that would otherwise be cast aside. You can even consider less traditional venues when you have less people – from restaurants to country houses you will find a whole range of options that were not available to you before. 

So, why not invite nearest and dearest, decorate your ceremony space with the same ideas, find a gorgeous intimate venue for your wedding, prepare a bridal/groom face mask and get yourself down the aisle? After all beautiful experiences are not made with ‘things’ they are made with by people.

A small wedding can still be a beautiful experience, you can still have an exclusive venue, photographer, videographer and socially distanced reception. An exceptional menu with a locally-sourced produce, a live acoustic singer or musician playing whilst you dine, premium Champagne with speeches and a sense of treating your guests and yourself to a memorable day.

Having an intimate wedding allows you to enjoy a more relaxed day. Planning a big wedding is a huge undertaking that involves juggling multiple things: suppliers, chasing RSVPs, food & beverage arrangements, entertainment bookings, payments and much more. When you plan a wedding on a smaller scale it is understandably a lot less stressful.

COVID has pushed couples to have smaller weddings (not out of choice) but it has got us wondering whether this will fire up a trend for 2021? or will 2021 be a year of couples going as BIG as they can?

A couple from Slovenia is a great example of how they decided to make their relationship official, albeit with extra precaution and not exactly as they had originally planned. And while their wedding may not have looked as they had envisioned, their love story is heartwarming and inspiring nonetheless.

We spoke to Matej Lancic, a photographer who has shot a couple’s intimate wedding on the pier in Portoroz, Slovenia. No witnesses, no guests, a wedding that we don’t see very often – but one that was from the photographs alone is incredibly moving.

Welcome back to the world of Weddings, Matej. How have you found the comeback since the lockdown? Have you felt safe or hesitated to return to work?

The coronavirus surprised us all very much. Of the many industries impacted by the coronavirus, the wedding industry has taken a major hit. We have all been looking forward to the wedding market reopening, though in a limited form. Despite the risk, I personally had no worries about returning to work.

Do you think COVID will change the way weddings are done? Do you think we will see more intimate weddings in 2021 or 2022 become a trend?

COVID has already changed the way weddings are hold, which is a big problem for future newlyweds. Most couples want to get married in front of their loved ones, with that in mind, I don’t believe the number of intimate weddings will increase significantly. It all depends on the duration of the COVID. In fact, I have noticed that couples, at least for now, choose to postpone their weddings. 

Tell us about one of the intimate ‘COVID’ weddings that you have recently shot?

I have recently photographed a wedding where the couple got married without witnesses and guests, only in the company of registrars. The wedding took place on the pier in Portoroz, Slovenia.

Every wedding is a beautiful story. Working at a wedding without guests was very enjoyable. The energy of the newlyweds was relaxed and full of laughter. The magical ambience conjured by the smell of the sea, the gentle waves of white curtains and a romantic dinner with a view of the sea, candles and sunset co-created precious moments that the couple will remember forever.

I must also mention that the wedding organisation was at a high level, organised by Mind Hotel Slovenia – LifeClass Hotels & Spa.

Could you tell us a little bit more about your business? How did you begin your journey? Where are you based?

Based in Maribor, Slovenia, I started contributing my documentary work to daily newspapers and various magazines. Devoted to social and humanitarian issues throughout the world, I have gained rich photographic and lifelong experiences. I have worked on assignments and produced various social issues related photo essays in the Balkans, Lebanon, Syria and Asia. After years of gathering photographic experiences, I transferred my knowledge to a wedding photography, which is a documentary photography.

How would you define your photography style?

My style of photography is photo storytelling. There’s a difference between photography and visual storytelling through the photography. In visual storytelling images are ordered in a specific way, either chronologically or as a series, with the aim of “infecting” the viewer’s vision and mind.

How do you think 2021 is looking for weddings? And what are you looking forward to the most?

It is difficult to predict the future but I believe that we will adapt as much as possible to the situation and emerge as winners.

Will the Autumn weddings happen? Difficult to know what the wedding guidelines in September and October could look like, given that measures are changing regularly and no one can say for certain whether or not weddings will be going ahead at a full capacity any sooner. 

It’s worth checking in with your suppliers and making sure they have everything they need to provide you with the services you have booked. For example, travel restrictions may have limited certain supplies and small businesses who have been hit with financial losses due to Coronavirus, therefore they may struggle to fulfil their obligations in the future. It might be a tricky conversation to have, but it’s worth having sooner rather than later. 

With that in mind, it’s best to ask your venue when they will review your date if you’re keen to host a large wedding. 

Author: Abigail Lucy – Luxury Weddings & Events

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Za Sanjsko Poroko Ob Morju Ni Treba Oditi Na Drugi Konec Sveta

Sta navdihnjena za poroko ob morju nekje v tujini, potem ko sta videla oglas v kakšni poročni reviji ali na spletu? Morda bosta presenečena, saj se takšne poroke organizirajo tudi v Sloveniji.

Poroke ob morju so ponavadi edinstve in nepozabljive. Čaroben ambient, ki ga pričara vonj po morju, nežno valovanje belih zaves ter romantična večerja ob pogledu na morje, sveče in sončni zahod sooblikujejo dragocene trenutke, ki si jih bosta zapomnila za vedno. Vse našteto vam lahko nudi restavracija, hotel ali klub, ki se nahaja neposredno na plaži.

Prizori, ki jih vidite na fotografijah, so nastali na Belem pomolu Hotelov LifeClass v Portorožu. Z izbiro prave lokacije in atmosfere, kulinarične izbire, cvetlične dekoracije in še več, bo osebje Hotelov LifeClass z Vama ustvarilo poroko po Vajinem okusu.

Za takšno poroko na Slovenskem sta se odločila tudi Sanja in Mitja. V čast mi je bilo fotografirati njune trenutke. Moje izkušnje z njuno poroko so zelo pozitivne, moje mnenje pa je, da je resnično vredno razmisliti o takšni poroki v Sloveniji.

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Nekateri seznami povabljencev so krajši, nekateri daljši, v vsakem primeru pa je težko vsakemu gostu v živo sporočiti vašo odločitev. Morda je najbolje, da goste, ki ste jih črtali s seznama povabljencev, pokličete po telefonu – kar je veliko bolje kot pošiljanje besedila. Ne želite, da se vaš ton dojema napačno. Pogovor jim omogoča, da slišijo, kako težko je bilo sprejeti to odločitev. Goste obvestite čim prej, saj razmišljajo o nakupu daril in morda novih oblačil. Za tiste, ki se ne bodo mogli udeležiti vaše poroke, lahko uredite prenos vašega dneva v živo ali z njimi delite svoje poročne fotografije in film.

Morda se boste morali spoprijeti s kakšnim negativnim odzivom, ko boste nekoga odstranili s seznama povabljencev. Ne pozabite, da ste se v tej situaciji znašli izključno zaradi COVID-a. Zaupajte v svojo odločitev, vaš dan bo magičen!

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PHOTO STORY: Wedding Without Witnesses And Guests

On the Meduza beach in Portoroz (Slovenia), swimmers witnessed a very special event this weekend. While swimming, they were able to watch the wedding, which took place at the White Pier of the LifeClass Portoroz Hotels. A nice couple from Styria is the first couple to get married on the pier of Meduza beach without witnesses and other guests, only in the company of registrars. The magical ambience conjured by the smell of the sea, the gentle waves of white courtains and a romantic dinner overlooking the sea, candles and the sunset co-created precious moments that the newlyweds will remember forever! I invite you to view the gallery.

I also invite you to view the main gallery:

FOTO PRIČA: Vjenčanje bez svjedoka i gostiju

Parovi se obično odlučuju za klasična vjenčanja, gdje obećavaju vjernost pred svjedocima i drugim gostima. Međutim, postoje iznimke koje se odluče za drugačije vjenčanje – bez svjedoka i gostiju. Otišao sam fotografirati takvo vjenčanje na jednom portoroškom pristaništu, a za organizaciju se pobrinuo Mind Hotel Slovenija – LifeClass Hotels & Spa. Pozvani ste da pogledate galeriju.

Pozivam vas i da pogledate glavnu galeriju:

FOTOZGODBA: Poroka Brez Prič in Gostov

Pari se ponavadi odločijo za klasične poroke, na katerih si obljubijo zvestobo pred pričami in ostalimi gosti. Obstajajo pa tudi izjeme, ki se odločijo za drugačno poroko – brez prič in gostov. Prav takšno poroko sem se odpravil fotografirati na enega od portoroških pomolov, za organizacijo pa je poskrbel Mind Hotel Slovenija – LifeClass Hotels & Spa. Vabljeni k ogledu galerije.

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Photographer’s journey: How did it all begin? (from crisis areas to weddings)

After years of learning photography, it was time for more challenging photo project. I had more ideas. In the end I decided to photograph Indian slums. I went to Mumbai Dharavi slum, which provides home and work to more than one million people on only 3km2 of land.

As an interesting thing to add, SlumDog Millionar was filmed in this slum. The path led me further into some other slums, I finished the project in the oldest city in the world – Varanasi. While walking down the long narrow street of this city, I saw a sleeping cow through the front door of a home. In the scene in front of me, I recognized all the symbolism of the sacred cow. An older woman approached me who allowed me to enter her home and photograph a cow. National Geographic ranked this photo among the best photos of the year.

After returning home, it was time for new project. I went to photograph in crisis areas in Lebanon and Syria. My photos started appearing in the world’s newspapers and magazines, and Unicef used my photos in their charity campaigns to rais money.

As a result of refugee crisis, a Balkan route opened, which I of course went to document. I received photographic recognition again – photo taken in Gevgelija (Macedonia) was ranked as one of the best of the year by National Geographic. Other international recognitions and awards followed.

I completed the Balkan route project in my own country on the Slovenian-Austrian border.

After years of gathering photographic experiences, I transferred photographic knowledge to a wedding photography, which is basically a documentary photography.

Photos Away from the Main Wedding Story

I believe the wedding day must be documented fully with the unique and intersecting stories of the guests as they enjoy the festivities.

The bride and groom may be the center of attention on the wedding day, but they’re certainly not the entire story. The day is also very much about the friends and family who have been invited to share in the joy, catch up with loved ones, and do a little partying. Or maybe a lot of partying.

Sideline shots broaden and deepen the story of the day, and are in fact an essential part of the record. I always try to surprise my clients with good sideline shots!

Photographing fleeting wedding moments

At any given wedding, there are an infinite number of these moments that pass us by. Some hold in place longer than others; some come and go in the blink of an eye.

It is through such fleeting details that some wedding photojournalists earn their keep. With a professional eye honed through years of visual training and practice, they constantly scan the wedding scene, searching for that close-focus moment that is sure to pop up next.

Combine that eye with hands that possess enough dexterity to react in an instant, and you have a premier wedding photojournalist who can freeze these wedding day details forever, preserving a moment in time that memory alone could not possibly hold.

It is a skill that, while not always appreciated, is second nature to photographers with an eye for details on the move. They remain on constant alert for unique imagery, anticipate when the best moment will pass, and then pounce on the opportunity. These three key traits ensure that fleeting memories can be bottled in a photograph.