In conversations with the couples, I’m trying to get some of the specifics of their stories. Then I use creativity and the ability to tell stories through photography. It is best that I explain you through two examples.

Example 1:

I was told that after marriage, she will leave her house and move into a new one with him. I decided to take a picture of leaving the house. I selected the frame, watched the light, gestures, expressions and waited for the right moment to press the button. As simple as it sounds it takes some time to conquer this technique.

Example 2:

I used this technique again photographing refugee migration. This photo is full of expressiveness and symbolism. The viewer must go deeper to understand it.

Explanation: “Into the unknown future” – Gazes from the wagon: three people looking forward to the future. One staring anxiously back. This photo was later selected as one of the best by National Geographic.