At any given wedding, there are an infinite number of these moments that pass us by. Some hold in place longer than others; some come and go in the blink of an eye.

It is through such fleeting details that some wedding photojournalists earn their keep. With a professional eye honed through years of visual training and practice, they constantly scan the wedding scene, searching for that close-focus moment that is sure to pop up next.

Combine that eye with hands that possess enough dexterity to react in an instant, and you have a premier wedding photojournalist who can freeze these wedding day details forever, preserving a moment in time that memory alone could not possibly hold.

It is a skill that, while not always appreciated, is second nature to photographers with an eye for details on the move. They remain on constant alert for unique imagery, anticipate when the best moment will pass, and then pounce on the opportunity. These three key traits ensure that fleeting memories can be bottled in a photograph.