In photographic practice, visual storytelling is often called a “photo essay” or “photo story”. It’s a way for a photographer to narrate a story with a series of photographs. There’s a difference between photography, and visual storytelling through photography. In visual storytelling, images are ordered in a specific way, either chronologically or as a series, with the aim of “infecting” the viewer’s vision and mind.

Short example of a photo storytelling (read photo captions!):

1. Groomed bride was waiting for the groom at home. Only the ring was missing.
2. While she was waiting for the groom, she had her moment on the balcony. She thoughtfully looked around her hometown.
3. The doorbell rang. Her sister grabbed her arm and escorted her to the front door.
4. The moment she saw him for the first time on a wedding day.
5. He escorted her out of the house.
6. In front of the house, she was greeted by guests and a music band. Before they went to church, they danced!
7. Wedding ceremony at the church.
8. Wedding guests were becoming more and more emotional.
9. The groom held the bride’s hand.
10. Sisters watching wedding ceremony.
11. Married!